UM Winner Student Research Conference 2016
A glimpse of the VSNU education festival

For 40 years the Skillslab has been at the core of medical education at Maastricht University, where students can learn and practice the necessary practical skills for their professional development. A fully improved lab has now opened its doors, with brand new innovations.

Unlike many other universities, the Skillslab is an important tool throughout the entire medicine degree at Maastricht University. From the very first year students learn practical skills by putting theory to practice. The classes cover a wide range of topics from conversational skills to stitching wounds where students practice on each other, models or simulation patients. The brand new Skillslab will make these classes even more valuable to support students in their professional development.

The new lab is located at Universiteitssingel 5 and has a fresh and contemporary look with more rooms that each include a ‘smart-board’ and a number of camera’s to film some of the practicals for later feedback. These new innovations will make the education more dynamic, a great addition to the continuous learning process.


Check out the skillslab yourself in the video below:

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