Improving Educational and Technological Support at UM

Technology Enhanced Education (TEE)

What’s the overall context for this project? 

Maastricht University has traditionally cherished problem-based education (PBL) as a leading educational concept. PBL and its core values of problem-based learning are and remain self-directed, constructive, contextual and collaborative learning are embedded in our DNA and are reflected in all aspects of our university. In the past year we have gained a multitude of experiences leading to the conclusion that the use of technology can strengthen and enrich our educational concept, provided it is designed well.

So, what’s the main objective?

The main objective of the TEE project is to optimise the support for teaching staff, based on well-founded didactic principles, in order to create room for innovation. The objectives of the project are based on the recommendations from the EDview project (2016-2018), and the lessons learned during the recent Covid-19 lockdown (as presented in the research and strategised by the Taskforce Online Education).

What’s the role of technology in this? 

The use of technology in education can be effective in achieving the desired learning outcomes and contribute to conducting education in an effective and inspiring way. Mixing ‘traditional on-campus’ education with technology (also called blended education) contributes to the principle of active learning as the core of PBL. The student learning experience can be enriched by a harmonious integration of physical learning with technology. The choice for a mix of physical and online education can therefore also mean that the contribution of technology to certain educational activities is limited.

How do you approach this project?

Over the next two to three years, the TEE project aims to achieve the aforementioned main objective through six lines of action, as outlined below. Further information about the specific project lines will follow soon, check back in shortly.


Blueprint TLC

The Technology Enhanced Education (TEE)-programme at EDLAB aims to improve UM’s educational support organisation. Therefore, we are hosting several co-creation sessions for which we invite staff to collaborate with us and provide valuable input on how to achieve improved educational support.  The co-creation sessions will take place in April 2022. Sign up here to join!

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