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The Technology Enhanced Education (TEE)-programme at EDLAB aims to improve UM’s educational support organisation. Therefore, we are hosting several co-creation sessions for which we invite staff to collaborate with us and provide valuable input on how to achieve improved educational support. The co-creation sessions will take place in April 2022. Sign up here to join!

What is support?

Teaching support knows many different forms. For this project, we specifically aim to strengthen the following types of teaching support:

  • Collegial support: exchanging with colleagues for inspiration and collaboration.
  • Expert support: access to just-in-time education expertise and professionalisation, as well as connecting to research.
  • Knowledge support: finding the right information in one logical situated platform.
  • Technical and practical support: setting up hardware and software, fixing problems.

What is our approach?

In order to create the blueprint for improved teaching support, we follow the double diamond framework for innovation (see Figure to the left).

The Double Diamond is a structured design approach to tackle challenges in four phases:

  • Discover — create insight into the problem (diverging)
  • Define — the area to focus upon (converging)
  • Develop — potential solutions (diverging)
  • Deliver — solutions that work (converging)

In the first diamond, the discover phase, we try to understand what the problem is. To do this, we undertake the following actions:

  • Analysing internal survey results (e.g.
  • External benchmark.
  • Literature research.

The insight from the discover phase helps to define the challenge and identify the area to focus upon. In this phase, we undertake the following actions:

  • Co-creation sessions.
  • Internal benchmark (e.g. interviews based on stakeholder analysis).

From the discover and define phase in the first diamond, we arrive at a first blueprint draft for improved teaching support. When finished, we start the second diamond. In this diamond, stakeholders are encouraged to give different answers to the defined problem, seeking inspiration to further develop the blueprint in an iterative process. More specifically, we undertake the following actions:

  • Internal round with soundboard sessions to challenge the blueprint.
  • External round with soundboard sessions to challenge the blueprint.

Finally, in the delivery phase, we work towards a final proposal for the blueprint. The input gathered during the development phase is then applied to the final blueprint in writing sessions.

Where do we currently stand?

Currently, we are in the defining phase. We are hosting several co-creation sessions and connecting with faculty staff to collaborate. We expect to finish the define phase in April/May 2022.

Want to join our co-creation sessions? Please register below.

Tuesday 26 April, 10.00-11.30 hours at EDLAB, Tapijn Barracks, Building X

Thursday 12 May, 13.00-14.30 hours at EDLAB, Tapijn Barracks, Building X


More info and contact

For more information about the project, please contact:

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