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The EDLAB teach-meets bring together teaching staff from all UM faculties to discuss issues and innovative approaches in the classroom. In an informal setting you can listen to some short speeches, discuss with your peers or even pick up the microphone yourself.

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Teach-meet International Classroom 8 November 2018

Maastricht University (UM) is widely renowned for its international classroom. Most people would simply refer to the international classroom as ‘having many different nationalities in a tutorial group’. Well, there is much more to that! During the teach-meet we will explore some other essential features of international classroom at UM that take our international learning environment to the next level.



Global Citizenship Education

Herco Fonteijn (FPN)

Diversity in the Classroom

Constance Sommerey (BU)

Benefits of Curricula with International Networks

Anja Krumeich (FHML)

Teaching in an International Classroom

Donna Carroll (EDLAB)



  • For: UM teaching staff
  • Date: Thursday 8 November 2019
  • Time: 15:30-17.00
  • Location: EDLAB Common Room (Tap X, 1st floor)
    Hubertuslaan 12, 6211 KD, Maastricht
  • Registration closes on Monday 5 November
  • Drinks and snacks will be provided!


Where to find EDLAB?

We are located at the former Tapijn Barracks. Click on the button below for the route description.

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Twice a year, EDLAB organizes a UM teach-meet for the UM teacher community. During this event, teaching staff from all UM faculties can join and share their experiences and best practices regarding currently debated topicsĀ in higher education. Scroll down to get an impression of the UM teach-meet.





Innovation Coordinator

Walter Jansen