The EDLAB Teach-Meets bring together teaching staff from all UM faculties to discuss issues and innovative approaches in the classroom. In an informal setting you can listen to some short speeches, discuss with your peers or even pick up the microphone yourself.

Most Recent Teach-Meet | Solutions for Online Lecturing

February 24, 10:00 – 11:30
UM Teach-Meet

With education moving online in March 2020, many lecturers (logically) found themselves struggling to record, edit and make their lectures available. Whereas remote lectures have been highly appreciated by our students ( student survey), lecturers are still confronted with the time-consuming task to design and provide online lectures amidst a myriad of formatting possibilities, interaction-modes, tools and opinions.

In this teach-meet we would like to discuss common issues and solutions regarding the design and offer of online lectures. What remote lecture formats work well in PBL? How do I get students motivated and engaged in my online lecture? How can I best organize student interaction? What (straightforward) tools can help my delivery and interaction with the audience?

A couple of experienced lecturers will share their best practice with you and answer any question you may have. Furthermore, Barend Last of the University Library will moderate an instructional session about the (ab)use of tools for remote lecturing.

Read what our expert speakers said about solutions for online lectures!

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Twice a year, EDLAB organizes a UM teach-meet for the UM teacher community. During this event, teaching staff from all UM faculties can join and share their experiences and best practices regarding currently debated topics in higher education. Scroll down to get an impression of the UM teach-meet.


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