Student Engagement during a Pandemic: Foundations for Community Building
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Student Engagement during a Pandemic: Best Practices for Impactful Work

In March, EDLAB was honoured to host its third volume of the popular Student-Meet in collaboration with The Student Project Team. Reflective of the times, we chose to lay the focus of this volume on providing a platform for peer-to-peer support, allowing study organizations with the ideas and tools to keep their students’ Engagement during a Pandemic. 


The second part of this Student-Meet took place again on a Wednesday night, March 10th, and focused on the Best Practices for Impactful Work. The event was launched with brief presentations and subsequent Q&A by the study organizations M.S.Z. Lagakari, Unicef Student Team Maastricht, and the United Nations Student Association Maastricht on how to best recruit new members, organize events, fundraise, and transfer knowledge between boards. Following these, participants had the opportunity to join different discussion tables on the interactive online platform Remo, as well as switch between them to continue these fruitful conversations. In the closing round, students again remarked that they had learnt many useful tools and gathered inspiration to keep the members of their study organizations engaged during these difficult times. Many were particularly grateful that the event finally provided study organizations a space to network with each other, and we are looking forward to seeing the possible collaborations that have blossomed at this event. 


Furthermore, we are happy to report that again over twenty students participated in the second part of this Student-Meet despite the online format and lack of pizza that is traditionally served at these events. If you are interested in attending an upcoming Student-Meet, then stay tuned: The planning of the next Student-Meet is already in the works!


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Rahel Koch, Student editor

I’m currently pursuing a Liberal Arts & Science degree at the University College of Maastricht with a special interest in the Medical Humanities as well as Science & Technology Studies. The position of the student assistant at EDLAB allows me to gain a more practical understanding of how digital technologies enable us to connect and share meaningful ideas. I’m here to make EDLAB’s work more visible, be it through creating digital posters for our events or publishing blog updates on our latest research findings. 

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