Your educational expertise wanted

Open Call: Your educational expertise wanted!

If you’re an experienced member of UM teaching staff, always trying out new things in the classroom and seeking to improve the educational journey for your students, you may be interested in providing your input into EDLAB’s upcoming CPD-activities. Many of our activities involve lively discussions and knowledge sharing, around such topics as student assessment, student engagement, groupwork and effective course design. For these sessions, we often look for knowledgeable teaching staff to share their insights with others.

By expressing your interest, you may be able to help us with your thoughts on the nature of our future offering or even have the opportunity to help as a potential facilitator or panelist. In contributing to our CPD activities, you will have the chance not only to share your expertise with the wider UM community, but also to play a role in supporting other UM staff in their own development. In doing so you, your invested time may also count towards your own CPD hours.

Let us know today how you want to get involved. You can contact us via: