Training Coaches/Mentors/Supervisors: “Teaming, hit the floor running”

Teaming is a way of working together, described by Harvard professor Amy Edmondson (here is the link to her TED talk). She described teaming as the ability to work together quickly, flexibly and decisively, under the pressure of constant change, even with people you don’t know well yet, to achieve a common goal as best as possible in the process. Edmondson was particularly interested in teams that worked together successfully without much time spent on team building. So no extensive sessions to get to know each other better. Also no clear structure and certainly no time to talk in detail about the culture within the team. And then work well together, how do you do that?

An example  is the disaster involving a group of miners who got stuck in a deep mine. It seemed an impossible task to save these men. Nevertheless, a team of very different specialists who did not know each other at all finally succeeded. What was the secret?

During this session, we will discuss how you, as a supervisor or team coach/mentor, can immediately ensure that your team works energetically while they barely know each other and you? We will also discuss the upper current and undercurrent in teams and how can you know the undercurrent so early in the process and make it work for you. The follow-up of this session will be in April.

Training Coaches/Mentors/Supervisors: "Teaming, hit the floor running"