Student-Meet | Team Dynamics

Student-meet Team Dynamics

A Student-Meet is an informal and a low-key gathering open for all students of UM faculties. EDLAB is interested in bringing students from all different academic years together to share experiences and chat about education at UM. EDLAB organizes five Student-Meets per academic year. Every event focuses on a different theme, all with the aim of innovating education. There are no-strings attached when visiting a Student-Meet (you are thus very welcome, yet not obliged, to visit all five meetings and there is no mandatory preparation before the event).

During the second Student-Meet, we will chat about Team Dynamics. Working together with other people is a necessary skill, both inside and outside the classroom. However, teamwork is not always easy. Therefore, this Student-Meet focuses on team dynamics.

Is there a magic recipe for good group work? Do you have particularly positive or negative experiences with working in a team? What did you learn from these experiences? And what advice would you give to a group which has just started working together?

In addition to that, we will practice giving feedback, both to your peers and to those who are your superior, such as a teacher or supervisor.

Stephanie Meeuwissen, an expert in interdisciplinary team (learning) processes, learning cultures and psychological safety in the workplace, will be present at this Student-Meet. She will be able to provide insights and tips and tricks from the academic field into the event’s topics:

  • Is there a magic recipe for group work?
  • (Un)equal contribution: those who contribute too little and those who dominate the group.
  • Speaking to superiors: how to give feedback to your teacher or supervisor?

EDLAB hopes to welcome you and your thoughts and experiences on team dynamics on January 16, 2020.

This session for UM students is for free. It will take place at EDLAB, TAPX (Building X, Sint Hubertuslaan 12), in the common room (first floor).  The session will be in English.  The session will last from 17:30 – 20:00h, free food and refreshments will be provided.

Student-meet | Team Dynamics