PREMIUM Workshop: “Public Speaking”

The goal of this session is to understand and practice the most important pillars needed to maximize one`s impact when speaking to an audience. Often we have the most difficulty understanding and interacting with audiences whose preferences are different to our own.

Recognizing these characteristics can help in developing strategies for personal growth and enhanced impact.

This workshop encourages participants to practice the delivery of motivational, serious and trust-building speeches. During these advanced sessions, a big emphasis is placed on emotional expressiveness, body language, and voice coaching.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have understood their communication style and gained awareness on how to connect with various audiences and leave a lasting impression.

PREMIUM: Public Speaking

March 28, 2023
Tuesday 28.03.2023, 17:30-20:30 hrs
Start Time: 5:30 pm
End Time: 8:30 pm
Available Spots
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