PREMIUM Advanced training c/m “The undercurrent in teams”

It is common knowledge that there is a lot more going on in teams than what is on the formal agenda. Team dynamics are invisible patterns of behavior that strongly influence the visible performance of a team. If you want to be an effective team leader, you need to get to grips with this otherwise elusive phenomenon.

Since the undercurrent is a largely invisible phenomenon we simply have to assume its existence. The undercurrent cannot be grasped or measured, yet it can a have a strong impact on team behavior and on the emotions of team members. Anyone who has ever been pushed out of a group knows how real that feels. And the glass ceiling in organizations has never been photographed, yet it has stopped many from advancing their careers. Once you try to discuss it, you may quickly drown in a swamp of individual abstractions, emotions and attitudes. So how can you talk about it with your PREMIUM team, how can you get a grip on this undercurrent as a coach or mentor?