PREMIUM Advanced training c/m “Supervising gifted students”

Giftedness is not merely about being an ‘Einstein’ and having an IQ score >130. Among students as well as among teachers confusion exist about giftedness. There is no clear definition, while there are many assumptions about giftedness, like the idea that a student should only achieve high grades and never get stuck at university. In fact, giftedness is not only mental acuity or cognitive ability, but it is a set of characteristics, including also sensitivity, doubt and setting (too) ambitious bars.

Although gifted students mention the same problems as their peer students, an extra layer of complexity is added because of these characteristics and this can influence their personal well-being and academic performance in a negative way.

Understanding of these layers by themselves and by the people in their environment like tutors/teachers/mentors, will support gifted students to develop and use their talents and learn them how to thrive in (academic) life.

After participating in this session, you will:
…have an alternative framework regarding stereotypical thinking about giftedness.
…have insight into the different struggles and associated underlying processes that gifted people may encounter.
…understand which aspects may support gifted students and how you as a mentor/tutor/teacher etc. can be of value in the guidance of these students.

PREMIUM Advanced training c/m "Supervising gifted students"