H+ Workshop: On Fire Without Burning Out

You can probably remember a time when your inner flame was really burning. You were in a creative flow. With energy flowing through your body. You felt you were able to take on the whole world. You were on fire!
And then you probably also know the moments when you just don’t feel like it at all. You are exhausted, tired, unmotivated. All you want is to immerse yourself in a Netflix series with a bar of chocolate in your hand.

In this workshop we will go on a journey within yourself to see how that inner flame of yours works. I will support you to find answers to questions such as:

  • What about my energy on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level right now?
  • For which things does my inner flame (not) burn?
  • What underlying beliefs and mechanisms drive my actions?
  • How do I balance my inner flame (yang action) with inner water (yin rest)?
  • What perspective helps me in both the ups and downs?
  • How am I going to shape my life in a way that suits me?

Will you join me on a journey within yourself?

Honours+: On Fire Without Burning Out