H+ Workshop: How to Formulate a good Research Question

Your Honours+ project provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow students and engage in independent, interdisciplinary research. During your studies, you have already conducted research with varying subjects and scales, but the essence of your work remained the same: trying to answer a particular question.

Before you design your Honours+ research, collect and analyze your data, it is imperative to be explicit and clear about what you are trying to find out.

Your task therefore, requires a disciplined and thoughtful transformation of your ideas into clearly formulated research questions.

Developing a good research question is one of the most challenging stages of your research process. In this workshop we will discuss the process of research and the scientific method, and focus on the first stage in research, namely identifying a problem in the real world and forming a research question to address it. We will also reflect on how to bring together your personal skills and how to make your research questions more relevant by employing an interdisciplinary perspective.

Honours+: How to Formulate a good Research Question