H+ Supervisor Training by Team Focus “Keeping teams on track”

This workshop is organized by Team Focus. Team Focus is known for their experiential learning approach, which makes every session very insightful, meaningful but also a lot of fun.

Around this time in Honours+ teams might be dealing with conflicts, other engagements that limit their ability to work on the Challenge, lack of motivation which we call the “midterm-dip” etc. A good time to continue with the next part of the training by Team Focus. How can we address issues and ensure a safe learning environment for all team members?  Is your team’s dynamics what it ought to be, or are there issues luring on the surface?
This training will also be used to reflect back upon the training in October.

When: Thursday 31.03.2022, 09:00-12:30 hrs or 13:00-16:30 hrs (lunch included);

Where: Trainings will take place at Team Focus’ location at Kasteel Vaeshartelt (Weert 11, Maastricht);