CPD: Fostering students’ employability, wellbeing and resilience

Are you responsible for advising, mentoring or supervising individual students regarding their personal and academic development?  If so, you know that this can be a rewarding but sometimes challenging roll to fill.  For example, do you always know the best place for you or your students to turn to for extra support in developing student employability, wellbeing and resilience skills?  In this interactive workshop we will introduce you to UM Career Services & UM Psychologists and their services for students who can help directly with these aspects and more.

Together, we will discuss several cases and find out what you as staff member can do to further empower your students. In addition, we will introduce you to online support tools (such as the Overview Career Links and E-health Modules by Caring Universities) that can help your students to find answers to employability and wellbeing related questions.

During your visit to the Student Services Centre you will experience the way we work with and for your students, and will also meet some of our staff who can tell you more about their expertise.​

Please note that this workshop is part of our CPD pilot series.  This means that the workshop is being offered completely free of charge for you (and your department), however, after taking part in this workshop we would like to ask for your feedback and input in its evaluation.

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CPD: Fostering students’ employability, wellbeing and resilience

March 27, 2019

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