CPD Workshop: Managing (online) tutorials during COVID-19

CPD Workshop: Managing (online) tutorials during COVID-19

A lot of students and teachers are currently affected by the current global health crisis regarding COVID-19. Where in the past you may have had a few students in your tutorials struggling with personal circumstances, you may now have an entire group. On top of that, tutorials are often shorter and students may find it harder to be motivated or effectively discuss the learning goals via online/hybrid tutorials.

Although the situation may be less than ideal, you as a tutor can have a positive influence on your tutorials through conscious, targeted and proper tutorial management. During this workshop, guided by Eveline Persoon (EDLAB) in collaboration with the UM Psychologists and the UM Wellbeing Movement, we will discuss and exchange tips and tricks on how to manage your tutorials during COVID-19. The workshop is primarily based on best practices and is aimed to be interactive. A colleague from the UM Psychologists & UM Wellbeing Movement team will join (part of) the workshop to provide more tips and information on the support available UM wide.

During this workshop we will reflect on different topics within online/hybrid tutorial management and discuss:

  • The impact of the first tutorial – getting to know each other,
  • The importance of stimulating interaction between students using online tools or energizers,
  • Opening the conversation on how students are doing to afterwards shift the focus to content,
  • The importance of the tutor in online tutorials,
  • Noticing worrisome signals in students and how to support them further.

Intended Learning Outcomes of workshop

After the session, you will be able to:
… reflect on your role and positive influence as a tutor in online/hybrid education setting,
… use activities and techniques to stimulate interaction between students during the tutorials,
… use activities and techniques to open the conversation on how students are doing,
… redirect students to support offered by the UM Psychologists and Wellbeing Movement.

About the trainers

Eveline is a trainer involved in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and a programming & logistics coordinator at EDLAB, Maastricht University’s Institute for Innovation in Education. After becoming a primary school teacher Eveline studied developmental psychology at Maastricht University. She still teaches courses in development psychology at the University College Maastricht (UCM) and for the Center for European Studies (CES).

In these challenging times, student mental health has never been more important. Students might not always have the required skills yet to overcome the challenges they are faced with. Therefore the UM Psychologists and the UM Wellbeing Movement strive to make students more resilient and provide them with sufficient means to acquire skills that promote wellbeing during their studies and further in their professional career and life. At UM, there are many initiatives, programmes and plans that can contribute to student wellbeing and at the end of this workshop we will provide you with an introduction and overview of these ventures. Already interested? A broad range of (online) lectures, workshops and training sessions have been developed for students to develop themselves personally and professionally. Check out the complete offer: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/student-wellbeing

PLEASE NOTE that this workshop is planned to take place via zoom and you will receive a link in an outlook invitation prior to the event.  However, if the home-working restrictions are relaxed, we will explore the possibility of moving this session to EDLAB and running it in person.

Costs & cancellations
Due to the challenges arising for our teaching staff due to the COVID-19 situation and in order to provide quick and essential teacher support, EDLAB is offering this course to you free of charge.  Please note however that we have paid to develop and offer this session together with the trainers, so if you sign up but cannot attend, we would greatly appreciate it if you could give us at least 5 days’ notice so that we can advertise your spot to others who may be interested.  Cancellation without 5 days’ notice, or failure to show up entirely may result in your department being charged the full cost price.

EDLAB reserves the right to postpone this event should a minimum of 6 participants not be reached.

Activity full or can’t make this date? Then sign up for the waiting list and we’ll let you know as soon if this event is scheduled again.