CPD: Team-based learning approaches as a multi-variable tool

21 April 2020
13:30 – 15:30h

Team-based learning approaches as a multi-variable tool

Do you want to motivate your students to study more regularly and be better prepared not only for their final exam?  Then this workshop offers you the chance to explore the pros and cons of the team-based learning (TBL) format.

At FHML, TBL has been used for several years now. In the master-phase of the medical curriculum, in which groups of 15-20 students start their clinical rotations every two weeks of the year, lectures and tests need to be repeated frequently (about 20-25 times/year). To avoid the repetition of educational activities becoming boring (for students as well as teaching staff) TBL quizzes have been introduced to 1) promote the interaction between the teachers and students and 2) make students more assessment-ready.

The TBL quizzes are taken in three steps. First on an individual level, then on a team level with peers, and finally in an interactive session with an expert in which appeals to the quiz questions can be made and many “what-if” questions can be posed. The TBL format is applicable for repeated single sessions but have also been be applied in a summative way in 8 weeks courses in which student teams strive for the pole position. In the workshop you will experience the 3 steps of the TBL format.

Trainer: Ben Janssen 

1 x 2 hour workshop

25 euros per person

Your faculty will be billed directly for this training but your registration requires a budget number to be submitted upfront (except for FHML where this number is already known to EDLAB, in that case please just insert “FHML” upon signing up, rather than a budget number).

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The workshop will take place at EDLAB, TAPX (Building X, Sint Hubertuslaan 12). The session will be given in English.

CPD: Team Based Learning Approaches

April 21, 2020

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