CPD: Managing group / team dynamics

22 April 2020
10:00 – 14:00h

Managing Group / Team Dynamics
Why do some student groups/teams run smooth and efficiently while others seem to get stuck in miscommunication, conflict and frustration? Most of the time, the answers can be found in the group or team dynamics. These are the relationships and often, unconscious behavioural patterns between group members that impact the team’s conduct and performance. Now how do you work with these dynamics in a way that enhances team collaboration and performance? What are the main challenges that you are confronted with and how do you manage them? And what do you need to know about your self in managing these processes? If you are UM teaching staff, working with groups or teams of students, be it in tutorials, projects, skills sessions, internships or in lab work, or if you are planning to do so in the near future, this workshop might be of interest to you. The workshop is highly interactive, experiential and practical.

We will focus on:
– Sharing & reflecting on your experiences with the dynamics in facilitating groups/teams
– Core elements of what makes or breaks group/team dynamics
– How you can work with these elements: practices, exercises & approaches
– Essential competencies for managing group/team dynamics

By the end of the workshop you are expected to:
– Have more awareness and understanding about the complexities of group dynamics, how teams develop, how to perceive different group behaviours that might enhance or hamper team collaboration and performance
– Have experienced some approaches and exercises that can be of help in managing team dynamics
– Have more awareness about your role in the process and the essential competencies for managing group/team dynamics

Trainer: Renée Speijcken (SBE/MGSoG)

1 x 4 hour interactive workshop (30 min break)

79 euros per person

Your faculty will be billed directly for this training but your registration requires a budget number to be submitted upfront (except for FHML where this number is already known to EDLAB, in that case please just insert “FHML” upon signing up, rather than a budget number).

Cancellation fees
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EDLAB reserves the right to postpone this event should a minimum of 6 participants not be reached.

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The workshop will take place at EDLAB, TAPX (Building X, Sint Hubertuslaan 12), room 1.014.  The session will be given in English.

CPD: Managing Group / Team Dynamics

April 22, 2020

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