Request an educational consult from EDLAB

Do you struggle with the revision of your coursebook? Would you like to rethink your assessment practices but you don’t know where to start? Do you need input for better student guidance or advice on tutoring?

EDLAB offers individual consults for UM teaching staff who want to improve their education, need some inspiration or are looking for a different perspective. Together with an EDLAB staff member you’ll reflect on your practice, receive feedback and get advice on how to move forward.

EDLAB’s educational expertise includes topics like PBL & CCCS, instructional design, constructive alignment, teaching delivery, assessment, PBL assignments, groupwork, team dynamics, international classroom, student guidance & mentoring, PBL training, blended learning, PBL skills and, more generally, Bildung. We are also able to connect you to other experts within the university.

Previous consults included the evaluation of education, linking learning activities and assessment and provided inspiration for the design of new courses.

For an individual consult, please sign up here. Depending on your interests or needs, we will hook you up with an EDLAB expert who will contact you shortly.

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