EDLunch: Problems with the problem. A reflection on ‘problems’ in PBL task design for the humanities

28 May 2019

Students do not always execute a proper pre-discussion that evokes self-study motivation and mobilizes pre-knowledge. Students handle tasks as if they were little puzzles wherein keywords are hidden by the course designer to be discovered. In this lunch session our invited speaker argued that a significant part of the solution to challenge our students lies in carefully designing problems.


Video in Education Workshop: From concept to finished product

14 May 2019

This interactive workshop prepared UM teaching staff in using different tools for creating videos for education. Several didactic scenarios were discussed within a PBL setting relating videos to learning goals and various video formats, design and copyright issues were reviewed. This workshop covered the entire video production process, including scripting and hands-on video editing.


Workshop: Data Science for Non-Data Scientists

3 May 2019

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. Learning the trends related to data-driven technologies and understanding the rationale behind the data science pipeline are becoming important in a society increasingly driven by decision making based on data and algorithms.  This workshop, helped to define Data Sciences further and discuss the applications among different fields including education.


EDLunch: Qualtity Agreements

17 April 2019

Quality Agreements … you probably have heard of them and may know people who have been involved in designing them. But do you know what they mean? And how they may impact your work? This lunch session aimed to explore this topic further.


Blended learning course design and activating teaching methods

9 April 2019

What exactly is Blended Learning and what does it offer you and your students? How can it be incorporated into our PBL education? And how can you go about designing a course using blended methods?  This session helped to answer these questions, making it clearer how blended methods could be incoporated into teaching activities.


Fostering students’ employability, wellbeing and resilience

27 March 2019

For all those responsible for academic advising, one-to-one mentoring or supervising individual students regarding their personal and academic development.   This interactive workshop involved the discussion of various cases and an overview of possible support and services available to help staff and students.


Education that Moves You: An Introduction to Standing Tutorials

25 February 2019

Our Education That Moves You initiative aims to turn the classroom into a more dynamic space to improve the student learning experience during tutorials.  Standing tutorials can create a more active and lively environment and be a healthier way to experience education, click here to learn more.


Creating and using rubrics for assessment

12 February 2019
An introduction to the creation and use of rubrics for assessing student work (for examiners, course coordinators, board of examiner members, tutors) followed up by a hands-on Writing Clinic (3 April).