From gamification to crowdsourcing: Improve learning with these interactive elements

Just missed out on the Open Education Week which has been held from March 8-13? No worries!
Events and workshops have already taken place, but recordings, references to articles and resources stay available on the website.

In the slip stream of this event, Maastricht University is about to launch its first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from October 2015. The topic is central to our education: Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

As this MOOC also follows PBL principles, working online in small groups is an important part. To uphold the university’s reputation, we want this first-ever UM MOOC to run smoothly and give an honest impression of our approaches to teaching. Therefore we’ve set up an internal try-out of this brand new MOOC and invite UM employees to participate. The try-out started on Monday, 11 May, and lasted 8 weeks.

For more information about the UM MOOC, please visit the UM MOOC website.

Curious about (other) open education at Maastricht University? The University Library hosts a UM open education week portal on related UM initiatives which goes back to 2012.

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