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New must-see at Tapijn: Het Schommelstation

Did you already visit the former military barracks in Maastricht? There is now another reason for you to visit the Tapijn: the new ‘Schommelstation’.

On the grounds of the former military barracks there is an old gas station which has been dismantled a long while ago, and which did not have a useful purpose yet. Five entrepreneurs working for the Werkgebouw (also based in the Tapijn area, opposite of the Schommelstation), have transformed the gas station into a place which is interesting for all different generations. For the past six months, the entrepreneurs worked on this project and formally opened the area to the public on the 3rd of April, 2016.

Reonald Westerdijk (architect), Juulke Brosky (grafic designer and furniture producer), Rob van Acker (welder and designer) Jacqueline Hoffman (landscaper) and René Holten (designer) wanted to give the gas station a new purpose and create a space where all generations, students, professionals, tourists and locals can come together and rediscover the romance of rocking on a swing.

The Schommelstation was created with the help of crowdfunding, and even the municipality and the Elizabeth Strouven foundation have contributed financially. The entrepreneurs created five different swings which are focused on the different types of users that will visit the grounds. Next to that, the area now also has a number of over-sized blades of grass on both sides of the former gas station, contributing to the Alice in wonderland theme and great for little children to play with.

Schommelstation Tapijn Maastricht
As there is also a small operators house in the area, the station will also be made available for surprising pop-up activities. The entrepreneurs of theWerkgebouw are planning on creating more innovative places and/or furniture in the future, making Tapijn an even more interesting and lively public place in the upcoming future.

We already enjoyed the new and inspiring ‘Schommelstation’, and we hope you will pay it a visit very soon as well!

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