MaRBLe experience: Teamwork at its best
Study Smart website launched

New EDLAB guide: Assessing the ‘I’ in groupwork

Groupwork can be a rich learning experience for students in PBL, helping them to develop new skills and improve their group performance through related assessments and feedback. For teaching staff however, it often remains a challenge both to keep track of what is happening in a group and how to facilitate the process in the best way. For example, are you always aware of everyone’s role and contribution to the group, what should you do when students do not equally contribute (so-called free-riding) and how can you take this into consideration in the assessment? With input from experts from all UM faculties, EDLAB has developed a guide on how to construct and assess groupwork within the Maastricht University learning environment and how to monitor the individual contribution in groupwork specifically.

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