Which tools for what - and how to use them

Tools and Manuals

At Maastricht University, most tools and technological support is housed within the university library. This page thus at many points forwards you to the library page as appropriate. Didactical information on the tools is offered from EDLAB and will thus be linked internally.

Check the library website for an overview of the applications and tools offered.

Tool Wheel and Tool Box

To help you find your way in the jungle of tools, the University Library developed the Tool Wheel for teaching staff. It starts with activities you want your students to perform and distinguishes between tools that are licensed by UM and those that are not licensed but recommended, and offers in-depth information on each tool.

A wide variety of tools are available to students. Similar to the Tool Wheel for teaching staff, the University Library has developed a Tool Box for students, which helps them identify tools that suit their needs. The Tool Box also tells students which tools are licensed by UM, and where to find them. We recommend you include a link to the Tool Box in your Canvas course environment.


Canvas offers an online platform to support education. Each course in the UM curriculum has a course site in Canvas to make content available and to facilitate communication and collaboration. Furthermore, Canvas offers functionality for testing, handing in papers, originality checks on papers, discussion boards etc..


TestVision is a SaaS-application (cloud-based) for digital assessment. It supports the entire exam cycle, from developing questions and tests to scheduling the exam session, grading and the exam inspection or review.

Video Support

On the Video Support page you can find all the basic information you need to create your own video, as well as the services and support the library offers.

The information is arranged according to the different stages of video making: preparation, filming, editing and publishing. You can follow these step-by-step, or navigate to the specific page you need. Each page contains various different sub-topics to help you with your video project.

You also find information on Mediasite, Maastricht University platform for storing and sharing lecture recordings and knowledge clips and other educational videos. It also offers information about Zoom, tips and tricks on online lecturing for students and teaching staff, and consent forms for guest speakers that you can download and use.