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Let’s do something about this waste! And have a chance to win €750 euros!

Do you also get frustrated by the amount of redundant trash that is placed next to the containers at the recycling areas? And do you wish that there was something that you could do to solve this problem?

This is your chance!

Together with the NVRD (The largest national waste management association of the Netherlands) and the municipality, Maastricht University is looking for 3 Young professionals that have an innovative solution for this problem of dumped waste. The amount of dumped waste has been growing over the years, and has resulted in a number of serious problems. For example, serious consequences for the environment around the recycling areas, high costs for the removal of this extra trash, causing inconvenience for the people that live around such an area, and high costs for the municipality due to additional law enforcement.

So far, nobody has been able to come up with a fitting solution that could substantially diminish the amount of non-recyclable waste next to the containers. Therefore, we really need your help!

Think of ideas that are focused on a new design for the recycling area, improving the communication regarding the recycling of waste, or a new way to influence the people that are dumping waste.

If you are able to think of a great solution, and you win the pitch during the annual NVRD conference, you will be rewarded with the grand prize of 750 euros. Next to that, the runner up and the third prize will receive a prize of 250 euros. But there is more…

Next to winning the prizes, the pitchers together with their ideas will be mentioned in the Journal of the NVRD, named GRAM. On top of that, they will also be included in the NVRD’s digital newsletter.

Did this trigger your interest? Or have you already been sitting on an idea for a while and are you finally ready to share and present it in order to help the NVRD and the environment?

Please send your idea (max. 2 pages) to to enter the pitching competition. The deadline for sending your idea is Wednesday February 8th, 23.59 hrs.


Further information:
1. The idea has to be linked to one out of 3 main areas, namely: design, communication or influencing behavior.
2. Out of all the applications we will pick the 3 contenders that will present during the annual NVRD conference. The names of all the participants and the selected pitchers will be published on the EDLAB Facebook page ( – like the page to stay updated about the contest) Friday, February 17th (17.00 hrs.).
3. After being selected as a pitcher, you are not able to obtain anymore rights from your idea.
4. If you need more information, you are welcome to book an appointment at the Maastricht municipality. This is also an opportunity to ask critical questions regarding the problems around the recycling areas and the solutions that were thought of in the past.
5. You have 5 minutes to pitch your idea during the conference.
6. The final outcome is not debatable and is decided by the number of votes in the conference room. If there is doubt regarding the number of votes, the organization (NVRD and Maastricht Municipality) will take over and decide who will be the winner of the pitching competition.

Good luck with writing down your ideas!

Luka Delsing
Coordinator Excellence

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