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Join our next Teach-Meet: Education after COVID – Blended or Bland?

In the context of our recent experiences with emergency remote PBL, discussions about what our education should look like once restrictions are lifted are maybe more divided than ever. How can we keep our education flexible? How can we facilitate better collaboration, especially online? What is the role of technology in our practice? And how can we ensure that our education fulfils its broader societal and social function?

In their recently published book on blended learning and educational design, Barend Last (University Library) and Stefan Jongen (FSE) change the focus of that debate, emphasising the importance of an educational vision. They frame the concept of blended learning as an approach to educational design that brings all opportunities for learning together in a logical whole, and not simply as a technological innovation.

This Teach-Meet is a “Meet the authors” event: An interactive interview with Barend and Stefan about the process of writing a book on educational theory and practice, misconceptions about blended learning, and the development of a vision on blended learning that matches UM’s educational philosophy: a collaborative, constructive, contextual, self-directed approach to teaching and learning.

In the spirit of the book, this event provides room to reflect on your own educational vision – and what you’d like education to look like in the future. Digging into your motivation and passion for education, we invite you to join us in a conversation about the relationship between intentional educational practice and blended learning.

Connect with your colleagues and join us for a reflective session before the summer break!

Open for all interested UM staff. Read more about the Teach-Meets here.

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