PREMIUM – An example of a successful project
The story of Think Tanks with Karol Skalski

International Perspectives on Research-Based Education

During the conference ‘Connecting Higher Education: International Perspectives on Research-Based Education’ at University College London in the last week of June, Ellen Bastiaens and Walter Jansen organised a well-attended mini-lecture on their experiences and projects related to research-based learning.

Whereas Ellen presented lessons learned from her recently published book about the MaRBLe programme (‘Research-Based Learning: Case studies from Maastricht University‘, eds. Ellen Bastiaens, Jonathan van Tilburg & Jeroen van Merrienboer), Walter shed a light on the functioning of EDLAB and the preliminary outcomes of the ‘PBL and research skills’ project. With an audience of over 30 attendants, the session prompted a vivid discussion on research-based learning formats at Maastricht University.

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