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Interdisciplinary UM: A conference on fair and just practices in art and heritage

Interdisciplinarity is a key feature of Maastricht University’s innovative nature. The university’s cross-disciplinary approach is not only apparent in the education on offer, but also in the research centers and events born out of this. On the 18th and 19th of March the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage, in partnerships with the Bonnefantmuseum, will highlight this interdisciplinarity once again in the conference Fair and Just Practices: Art and heritage worlds from the perspective of markets and law.

The conference, taking place during TEFAF, will approach the fields of art and heritage from a wide range of academic fields, including anthropology, cultural studies, economics, history, law, sociology and the conservation sciences. Experts from this wide range of disciplines will analyse and contextualise (un-)fair practices in art and heritage worlds. The conference will focus on issues brought about by the global explosion of the art and heritage markets. This includes the dominance of the ultra-rich, issues of art forgery, illicit trade and conservation controversies. Speakers will try to provide answers to complex questions, including: How can art and heritage worlds fairly acknowledge economic, political and ethical challenges and mitigate the legal risks? What are best practices of fairness and justice when it comes to building and reassuring trust and transparency in the market, as well as when it comes to establishing and enforcing necessary legal frameworks and regulations in art and heritage worlds at large?

A unique film programme, organised in collaboration with Studium Generale and Lumière Cinema, will precede the conference and address these relevant challenges in an inspiring film series.

Find out more about the conference on their website!


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