To improve both teaching and learning through assessment, the EDLAB Steering Group Education Innovation discusses assessment ‘of’, ‘for’ and ‘as’ learning. These functions of assessment are addressed in EDLAB projects and activities such as constructive alignment, FeedbackFruits, the individual contribution in groupwork and our Assessment teach-meets and seminars.


Constructive Alignment refers to an approach to instructional design that integrates intended learning outcomes or learning objectives, teaching and learning activities, and assessment and feedback methods. Constructive Alignment requires optimal coherence between these three elements in a course or curriculum. Moreover, it underpins and assures the quality of an educational programme.


About the project

There is a growing need to demonstrate that the learning outcomes in a curriculum are reached. This need is especially triggered by the NVAO accreditation requirements that demand Constructive Alignment in higher education between learning outcomes, instruction and assessment on programme level. UM programmes aim to show and assure quality of learning and need clear ideas and practical guidance in the field of structurally assessing educational outcomes, both at the level of a course and at the level of a programme. The aim of this project was to develop a website and downloadable handbook for UM teaching staff with practical advice about Constructive Alignment. In addition, a symposium was organized in April 2017 to introduce the concept of Constructive Alignment to UM course coordinators and UM programme coordinators.

About the project

Groupwork is a common educational scenario at Maastricht University. The assessment of group work needs attention since the individual contribution is still a black box for assessors at Maastricht University. There are little to no guidelines on how the individual contribution to group work can be made visible to the assessor and be monitored throughout the group work period. Also, the issue of free-riding, both the identification and assessment thereof, needs to be addressed.

Project aim

  • Develop a practical framework consisting of procedures to organize, monitor and assess groupwork, which can be adopted and adapted by all UM faculties.

Project period: Dec. 2017-Mar. 2019

Steering Group Education Innovation

EDLAB is represented by one liaison in every UM faculty, and in the UM library. Linked to EDLAB liaisons are the faculty Vice-Deans of Education, who also take active part in the education innovation process. Together with the EDLAB Innovation Coordinators, they form the Steering Group Education Innovation.

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