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Help this department of the SSC to develop a plan for UM’s Executive Board that will help students who become refugees during their studies.

The Project

The Project

Do you know that there are international students among our student body wo become a refugee during their study because the situation in the home country changed or because the circumstances of family members changed?

In 2015 UM has appointed a central contact person for refugees because of the high volume of migrants (refugees) from the middle east. The contact person guides refugees through the jungle of requirements applicable for enrolment in Dutch higher education.
Due to the recent global events we see a higher volume of current students who become refugee while studying at UM. This applies for example to students whose parents were detained in the country of origin or had to flee their country while the student is studying at UM, with the student returning to the home country becoming impossible as a result. These students often lose financial resources, consequently letting the student in an untenable situation. Other students become refugee due to the political situation in their home country, e.g. Afghanistan.
This group doesn’t need guidance on how to enroll. They need guidance in how to act and anticipate on their new situation, as they have many questions regarding their legal residence in The Netherlands: if, how and when to apply for asylum in the Netherlands. How is their wellbeing effected by their new situation as well as the situation of their family members and friends in their home country? And how does this effect their study results? And how does this effect their current and short term future financial situation? We want to avoid dropouts and students loosing perspective.

Are you interested in how undesired migration effects students at UM?
Then this is your opportunity to contribute in finding out how many students at UM are becoming a refugee while studying at UM, and more importantly, to help them!
These students are often silent, afraid for repercussions in case a fellow compatriot finds out. They are afraid about their legal residence in the Netherlands and whether to apply for asylum or not, and how and when and what consequences this has for the continuation of their studies. Some students face serious financial problems. How all this effects their wellbeing and perspective in life?

Is it the responsibility of UM to support these particular students? And if yes, how can UM avoid staff offering all kind of individual ad-hoc based solutions and instead centrally offer process based help, including most likely financial help.

We need a plan, including financial aspects if needed, and present it to the UM Executive Board with which they will agree for the reason that it’s such a solid plan. Are you able to present a non-negotiable plan to UM’s Executive Board and have it signed by them? Then you’re welcome to participate in this project!


In this project, the focus is on “creating something new”

The Client

The Client

Maastricht University’s Student Services Centre (SSC) helps students with a wide range of issues related to studying and student life.

This includes topics such as application, registration, tuition fees, diploma recognition, but also legal advice on a study related issue, career advice or advice of a psychologist. In addition, the SSC supports several organisations that organise extracurricular activities, such as the INKOM, the sports council MUSST and Studium Generale.

SSC’s International Services Desk (ISD) helps prospective and current students with Scholarships for incoming students and Erasmus, Financial Aid, Visa for non-EU students, a buddy program (ISAP), the International Student Helpdesk (ISH) and a contact person for refugees

Co-Creator Client

This client might join the team for brainstorm sessions, meetings, and preparatory session. The co-creator is more actively involved in/during the project execution.