Politie Limburg

Help the Limburg Police in creating a sustainable cross-border strategy in tackling the problem of drug waste dumping in nature.

The Project

The Project

Criminals who make drugs want to get rid of the waste that comes from the illegal drug labs. They dispose of the chemical waste in a public place, for example along the road or in a forest. We call this dumping of drug waste. Drug waste dumping is illegal and therefore punishable. The waste itself is very toxic and if it leaks into the soil, it is extremely polluting. If it is not cleaned up, dumping entails far-reaching risks for nature, humans and animals. Our problem is the growing dumping of drugs waste in Limburg and possibly the Euregion (border NL, BE. DLD).

One of the focus points of the Limburg Police is to cooperate better on an international level. We know that our neighboring countries (Belgium and Germany) face the same problems with illegal drugs production and drugs waste but perspectives on the issue and cultures of handling it may differ. Currently we are not yet cooperating much with them on this topic.

We hope that during the PREMIUM project you can help us understand why this is happening, and how our cross-border colleagues and other stakeholders are viewing this and dealing with this. In this way you will help set us up for regional co-operation in tackling the issue.

To do so you will need to get in contact with relevant stakeholders in our neighboring countries Belgium and Germany, (the Provincial policy bodies, Environmental services, Public Prosecution, Fire Department, Municipalities and the Police) to come up with ideas for creating a sustainable preferably Euregional strategy in tackling this wicked problem.

So, are you interested in police work? Do you want to help the Dutch Police (unit Limburg) in their fight against organised crime/’ondermijning’? Then we are looking for you! If this sound like something for you, please join our team!


In this project, the focus is on “creating something new”

The Client

The Client

The mission of the Dutch National Police is: vigilant and subservient to the values of the rule of law.
This mission is fulfilled by the police by providing solicited and unsolicited protection, limitation or validation, depending on the situation.
The police want to achieve its mission by:

  • building confidence in the way it achieves results;
  • to act alertly and decisively in every situation;
  • to be involved and decisively, to work in a de-escalating way and to use violence where necessary;
  • to work intensively with citizens and partners on the basis of involvement, sharing information and reciprocity;
  • to learn, innovate and rely on its professionals;
  • to be one corps: from neighborhood to world. Locally anchored and (inter) nationally connected.

The topic of ‘Ondermijning’, and in this project the fight against illegal production of synthetic drugs, is one of the biggest current priorities within the Dutch Police. Our aim is to fight organised crime and prevent its consequences for our society (economy, environment, politics etc.)

Co-Creator Client

This client might join the team for brainstorm sessions, meetings, and preparatory session. The co-creator is more actively involved in/during the project execution.