Help this strategy firm to develop a holistic guide for new entrepreneurs

The Project

The Project

We are an Amsterdam-based strategy firm. Our mission is to do nice work for nice people.

Our business works with many entrepreneurs and new companies with inspirational missions and big dreams. Where we are asked to come in is to help them “launch”, often from scratch, any number of business operations including their marketing, PR, communications, website, planning/strategy, organization, email, etc. – all of the pieces of running a company that many people don’t think about. For example, we pitch our clients to events, podcasts, and journalists and keep this documented in our PR Kit, or revamp their website to get higher usability.

We would love you, PREMIUM Students, to tackle this as a holistic project and help us research, strategize and create a guideline for new entrepreneurs (NL and beyond) to get organized and get their names out there. It can be something like “Your first steps to become a business superstar”.

The process itself is important to the company’s mission, working within the community is important. From side, the work itself will aid our clients to progress their goals and highlight the skills here in The Netherlands. As for PREMIUM students, they will learn how a PR and marketing company functions, what kind of clients it has and whether some of their clients have job openings!


In this project, the focus is on “discovering something new”

The Client

The Client is an Amsterdam-based strategy firm. Our mission is to do nice work for nice people. We help build the plane as you fly it, designing and executing holistic strategies across communications, growth and operations to help your business succeed. Our services include PR, marketing, recruiting/people ops, scaling/automation, and corporate social responsibility advising.

Co-Creator Client

This client might join the team for brainstorm sessions, meetings, and preparatory session. The co-creator is more actively involved in/during the project execution.