Food Tech Brainport

Investigate how this food processing factory can create more value for their community and realize new business models for valorizing side streams that prevent food waste.

The Project

The Project

‘’Healthy food for everyone, without food waste.”

That is the dream of Food Tech Brainport. With our network of technology providers, food processing companies and knowledge- and research institutions we work on a future proof food industry. We offer a unique food processing facility for entrepreneurs to pioneer, experiment and to connect.

Our focus areas include:

  1. handsfree food processing,
  2. longer shelf life, and
  3. 100 % usage of plant based side streams (or food waste) into ingredients & food products. The PREMIUM project will be focusing on this 3rd area.

Food waste is a big problem. It occurs at each step of the food supply chain for several reasons. Fruit and vegetables may not comply with aesthetic standards (the ‘’ugly ones’’). Some part are not preferred by consumers (such as the upper green part of leek). A mismatch between supply and demand is also one reason. Such streams are still edible and of good quality full with nutrients. This offers potential to create new (more sustainable) business. Thereby strengthens our economy, enhances food security, prevents waste and reduces negative environmental impact. Combine that with sustainable food processing technologies (using less energy, water or chemicals) and the development of healthy food, more impact can be made. These are aspects where Food Tech Brainport and her community work on. If we have better insight in how we can create more value for our partners, it will help to work on these societal challenges.

To make fully use of our food processing factory we need to initiate new projects about specific l ‘’clusters’’, such as the ‘’bell pepper cluster’’ our the ‘’natural color clusters’’. Initiating new clusters is difficult, especially for a small non-profit organization.

Creating business new models for valorizing food waste streams is still challenging. Cooperation between companies throughout the food chain is essential. Therefore we need your help! Young professionals with a fresh perspective.

Help us with investigating how we can create more added value for our members so we can build a strong community. We will finetune your activities together, so it fits also your needs and you will be able to learn the most during this experience.

Become part of our innovation hub. You get the chance to learn more about sustainable food production and innovation. We are a small, motivated team that are always in for a talk. Together we can work on a sustainable food industry.


In this project, the focus is on “creating something new”

The Client

The Client

Without waste, healthy food for everyone. That’s the dream of Food Tech Brainport (FTB).

With our network of technology providers, food processing companies and research & knowledge organizations, we work on a future proof food industry.

We support business with technology challenges, applied research, initiating of projects and connect them with the right partners.

We offer an accessible food processing factory where plant based (side) streams (like ugly vegetables) can be processed to semi-finished products (juices, puree, concentrates) and ingredients (natural colours, flavours, bioactive compounds, fibres).

This ‘factory’’ consist of multiple innovative, mild and sustainable technologies. In this way we work on 100 % usage of plant based streams, the prevention of food waste by keeping food longer fresh and the development of healthy food.

Co-Creator Client

This client might join the team for brainstorm sessions, meetings, and preparatory session. The co-creator is more actively involved in/during the project execution.