Farma ter Verantwoording & UAEM

Investigate why a specific medicine has become so expensive and how Farma ter Verantwoording can use the analysis in a societal debate and create awareness about (un)fair pricing

The Project

The Project

Expensive medicines 

The Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation is an independent organization seeking to expose excessively and unreasonably priced medicines through legal procedures.

In a multidisciplinary team you will analyze the health, legal, economic and policy aspects of an interesting case: how Gilead’s ‘PREP’ medicine Truvada could maintain an unfair high price due to the extension of patents (evergreening). You will be researching the pricing and marketing of the medicine, as well as Gilead’s legal strategy to keep the monopoly in several EU countries. In addition, the role of HIV activists, insurance companies and government agencies will be investigated.

Legal documents and PREP guideline documents would be analysed, stakeholders interviewed (HIV activists, prescribers, pharmacists, manufacturer, insurers, Health Ministry staff, independent consultants etc). The Foundation will offer access to available data, ideas and opportunities to discuss the project with its staff and lawyers.

Scope of the project is why this medicine has become so expensive and how we can use the analysis in a societal debate and create awareness about (un)fair pricing. The project is in close collaboration with UAEM Maastricht.


In this project, the focus is on “discovering something new”

The Client

The Client

De Stichting Farma ter Verantwoording, or Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation in English, is an NGO working towards  fair pricing of, and equitable access to medicines in the Netherlands. The organization delves into the legislation regarding pricing and licensing of medication and holds pharmaceutical companies accountable, thereby pressuring them to return to accessible prices. In order to achieve this, our team includes lawyers with expertise in trade law, competition law and intellectual property, medical doctors and patient foundations. We work together with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines also promoting fair access to medicines by changing policies regarding licensing and patenting of health technology at the university and organizing awareness lectures and debates.The project is in collaboration with UAEM Maastricht.

Formal Client

This client provides an assignment and perceives the team of students as consultants doing a job for them. The formal client provides guidance and supports the team with feedback, but is not actively involved in project execution.