Investigate the development of potential business models around circular economy data

The Project

The Project

Resources are becoming scarcer, and therefore more valuable, every day. The circular economy proposes a fundamental economic transition, turning traditional take-make-waste models into sustainable circular systems. Furthermore, the circular economy creates great economic opportunities but at least as much challenges, especially in changing linear systems and enabling circular products, concepts and systems.

The specific project we have defined looks into the development of potential business models, including market introduction around the data that is gathered by Cirmar. As the demand for information on sustainability impact (e.g. recuperation of raw materials, energy and water and avoidance of emissions or capturing of CO2) and the availability of recuperated raw materials increases, so does the value of the data we gather through Cirmar. This data is mostly based on the clients business and behaviour (e.g. waste data, product data, product input data, sales data and data regarding sustainability).

The value of data is unmistakably more important throughout different sectors. Companies are trying to transition to more sustainable (even circular) ways of producing and selling goods or services. These transitions require tools (where Cirmar comes into place) but in practice corporate values stigmatize sustainability solutions as costly and time consuming despite the opposite often being the case. To motivate and stimulate the use of our systems and helping clients transition the data Cirmar gathers is invaluable to us.

Aspects / angles important for our organization:
• What and where is the specific content value?
• What and where is the commercial value?
• How to gather, bundle, analyze and convert?
• What legal aspects are involved and if so, how to cope?
• What business case, what business model, what P/L and phasing?
• How to market and communicate?

Researching and developing the potential value of the data gathered by Cirmar, and the steps required to unlock this potential, will be the central assignment of this PREMIUM project.



In this project, the focus is on “discovering something new”

The Client

The Client

FBB’s focal theme is the regeneration of raw materials. We develop, support and deploy, and we also supply the associated IT applications. We support companies, government bodies and institutions to turn their linear production and consumption system into a circular system, whether or not based on the concept of Cradle to Cradle®. Business partners are not only manufacturers, but also facility service providers, financial organisations, waste management companies, policy makers and logistic companies.

Cirmar, an affiliate of FBBasic, supports the development of the circular economy by developing applications that enable circular transitions. Our applications identify resources in products, track products, components and resources through the supply chain, create insight in the impact of circular systems and gather potentially valuable data-sets in the process. This is combined with consultancy from FBBasic, to help clients implement Cirmar’s tools within their business in the most efficient way.
Cirmar is right in between start-up and scale-up. Our products are implemented and used by a variety of clients in different sectors, but meanwhile we are still developing and optimizing every day; we are on the edge of launching new business propositions. In this dynamic process, we want to involve students with a passion for innovation, new business models and sustainability.

Formal Client

This client provides an assignment and perceives the team of students as consultants doing a job for them. The formal client provides guidance and supports the team with feedback, but is not actively involved in project execution.