Propose a plan on how to measure and define COMMEET’s social impact, and define the best strategy to help them get their message across.

The Project

The Project

Have you ever wanted to get involved in a challenge with a global impact? Do you find it important to contribute to a better world? Is you personal network ready for an international boost?

In case you answered these questions with YES, here is your opportunity. It is up to you to pick up the following challenge!

COMMEET is a Global Fellowship that aims at Community Empowerment. COMMEET is based in the Netherlands, but its network and its activities reach the entire world.

Supported by and based on the UN SDG’s, Community Empowerment is the movement that inspires and enables local communities to take the responsibility for their future into their own hands. We contribute to this by providing these communities with the right instruments (our so-called Toolkits, expert advice and examples of Good Practice) to solve their own problems.

Because we are a young and relatively unknown organisation, we want to speed up our global performance. That is where we need you!

We are looking for an ambitious PREMIUM Team that:

  • investigates and develops policies to learn how successful we are in our work (How many communities did we help? What was our social impact?)
  • develops a policy to position ourselves on a strategic point in the global market of Sustainable Development.
  • advises us on how to tell the market the right story about our COMMEET Fellowship in the most perfect way.

We offer a fascinating opportunity to gain a lot of experience for you in an absolutely innovative, international environment.


In this project, the focus is on “creating something new”

The Client

The Client

COMMEET is a Fellowship whose mission it is to accelerate Sustainable Regional Development through Community Empowerment. We believe that people have the right to design and to realise their own future. We help them with their initiatives by creating awareness and providing them with instruments, such as toolkits, examples of good practice and expert advice, to realise their goals.

The COMMEET Fellowship is global because Community Empowerment is a global challenge. We try to assist local initiatives all over the world. Moreover, we support international organisations like UNESCO, UNICEF, Amnesty International by working with and for them.
COMMEET Fellowship is a private organisation, a Foundation based in the Netherlands.

The main drivers to realise Community Empowerment are:
– TVET (Vocational Education) and Entrepreneurship Training
– Integration of Refugees and Displaced Persons in the community
– Reinforcing the position of Women and Vulnerable Youth.

To realise these drivers, we develop Toolkits to be used in daily practice.

Formal Client

This client provides an assignment and perceives the team of students as consultants doing a job for them. The formal client provides guidance and supports the team with feedback, but is not actively involved in project execution.