EDview 2.0

The EDview Project

The EDview Project investigates the current state of education at Maastricht University and charts new paths for the future. The project is jointly implemented by UM’s institute for innovation in education, EDLAB, and the Department of Educational Development and Research (part of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, FHML).

EDview aims to promote the ongoing development and innovation of education at Maastricht University. It started off by researching the current state of education at the university and collecting expectations about its future. Following this initial research phase, the project has moved into its current implementation phase, working on the basis of the research findings.

The Project Team

Main task: coordinating the day-to-day practical implementation of EDview and its alignment with other strategic projects/programmes at Maastricht University.

Eric Driessen

Professor and chair of the Department of Educational Development & Research

Janneke Frambach

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Development and Research

Ellen Bastiaens

Project manager at Academic Affairs

Oscar van den Wijngaard

Senior project manager at EDLAB

Perry Heymann

Project manager at CIO

Iris Mols

Communication advisor at Marketing & Communication

The Steering Committee

The project team is supported by a steering group, which acts as its educational conscience. Steering group members hold regular meetings with the project team to discuss key issues and alternative ideas, and how these are to be addressed in the implementation phase.

Members of the Steering Group are:

Erik Driessen (chair) – FHML


Janneke Frambach – FHML


Ellen Bastiaens (secr.) – AA


Mirko Reithler – FASoS


Rob Ruiter – FPN


Sjoerd Claessens – LAW


Inken Gast – SBE


Iris Mols – Marketing & Communication

Lonneke Bevers – FSE


Aggie Paulus – FHML


Harm Hospers – EDLAB


Christoph Rausch – HRM

Herco Fonteijn – FPN &  connection to Quality Agreements


Perry Heymann – CIO


Konstantin Michel – student


Student Project Team – student

The Research Project

EDview’s Research Phase resulted in a Position Paper that presents a shared view on the future of education at UM, focusing in particular on the role of Problem-Based Learning (PBL). The paper includes an Executive Summary.

In addition, EDview put together a comprehensive overview of Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t Knows that follow from the Position Paper, ranging from the areas of teaching and designing education to marketing and communication, leadership and human resources.

Details on EDview’s research approach and methods, acknowledgements, and an overview of the EDview Project Team of this phase are included in EDview’s Appendices.

The results of EDview’s Research Phase were presented at an EDview Symposium on October 23, 2018. The symposium offered a variety of interactive sessions, in which over 200 participants (staff and students) provided valuable input for the next step of the project: a practical follow-up on the EDview results. Read more.