EDvance | Overview

Improving Educational and Technological Support at UM

The EDvance Project

EDvance | Research

The EDvance Research

This research project investigates good practices for a blended PBL approach for UM’s educational setting. With a rapid literature review as well as qualitative research with stakeholders from the UM community and other important players outside UM, this research project offers insights into the needs for improved educational and technological support. Moreover, it identifies good practices that can be well distributed via the other project lines.

EDvance | Action

The EDvance Action Lines

The EDvance action lines aim at improved educational support for a holistic blended approach to education. Strongly integrating the research results, this part of the project aims at an evidence-based implementation of different UM research projects. Six lines of action have been outlined that steer the course towards a better information culture and strong structural support for an innovative educational culture at UM.