EDLAB's online resources for UM teaching staff

Below you can find EDLAB’s online resources for UM teaching staff.  These include webinar recordings and knoweldge clips on various topics.  We also have our own YouTube channel.

You may also find the University Library’s tool wheel helpful, as well as their support for creating videos for education.  More information about using our learning management system (LMS) Canvas is also available from the University Library.

EDLAB webinar recordings

Decolonizing the Curriculum | 9 September 2020

Aincre Evans (UCM, Maastricht University) unpacks the concept of decolonization and explores where the call for decolonizing the curriculum comes from, as well as the potential it has to facilitate more interactive, inclusive, and dynamic approach to learning.

The role of learner emotions and happiness on the learning process | 19 January 2021

Dr. Amanda Nimon-Peters, Professor at Hult International Business School, describes how emotions play a role in the learning process and how this should be taken into consideration in developing a successful approach to (technology-enhanced) education.

References are available here.

A New UM Vision on Assessment | 29 November 2021

“A new UM vision on assessment: How & Why? Three Historic Paradigms” is a webinar by Prof. Cees van der Vleuten from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University in cooperation with EDLAB. Recorded live on the 29th of November 2021 | 13.00-14.30 CET.

Decolonising the Science Curriculum: Why and How?  | 7 December 2021

Scientific disciplines are well known for their grounding in objectivity and fact-driven research practices. As a result, it is easy to assume that new educational initiatives such as ‘decolonising the curriculum’ are not relevant in our fields. This webinar, by Dr. Daniel Akinbosede (University of Sussex), seeks to make the case that the opposite is true.

Watch the recording here. Please note that watch this recording you have to log-in with your UM credentials.

Improving the Work of Teaching – More Efficient and Sustainable Teaching  | 8 July 2021

As teaching staff, we can often feel overwhelmed by our workload, so it is imperative not to waste time and effort. Dr. Bob Emiliani (professor at Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut) explains 5 specific questions, including examples of what you can do.

Watch the recording here. Please note that watch this recording you have to log-in with your UM credentials.

The Teaching Trick | 13 January 2022

When we discuss improvement of student learning, it is common to assume that any new methods would require a higher teaching effort. But while anyone can improve a course by spending 100 hours more time on teaching, this is obviously not a sustainable strategy. So how can student learning be improved within the same level of time that we are already using for teaching and assessment? Dr. Kristina Edström (Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology) reflects on this and provides various examples how to achieve this.

Watch the recording here. Please note that watch this recording you have to log-in with your UM credentials.

Engaging students as active participants in their education through student-staff partnerships | 5 October 2022

Ways of engaging students in higher education as partners in learning and teaching is arguably one of the most important issues facing higher education in the 21st Century and is a key factor influencing student success. In this webinar, Dr. Mick Healey and Dr. Ruth Healey unpack what is meant by students as partners and examine four ways in which students may be engaged as partners through: a) Learning, teaching and assessment; b) Subject-based research and inquiry; c) Scholarship of teaching and learning; and d) Curriculum design and pedagogic advice and consultancy.

Watch the recording here. Please note that watch this recording you have to log-in with your UM credentials.

CPD knowledge clips

Getting started with online tutorials

Using online discussion boards for Problem Based Learning

Lecturing online

Online collaboration and group dynamics

Communicating successfully with your students online

Using peer review to stimulate group discussion and critical thinking

4-part Webinar Series on Course Re(design) for Online Education:

CCCS online course design | 6 July 2020

Oscar van den Wijngaard (EDLAB) discusses how the UM principles of constructive, contextual, collaborative and self-directed (CCCS) learning, and the theory of constructive alignment can help you as you design your online education.  Slides can be downloaded here.  For more information on Constructive Alignment, we recommend this website.

A link to the paper by Diana Dolmans et al. can be found here.

Activating and engaging students online | 7 July 2020

Barend Last (University Library) provides practical tips and tricks to keep your online education as engaging as possible.  Slides can be downloaded here.

More information about the various tools referred to during the session is available from the University Library’s tool wheel, more support in producing your own videos can be found here and assistance in using Canvas is here.

Better online communication | 8 July 2020

Christina Markanastasakis (UM Language Center) shares her experiences in delivering effective online education, providing tips on how to effectively present yourself online, authentically and accessibly.  Slides are available here.

Guiding tutorials online effectively: optimising group dynamics | 9 July 2020

Stefan Jongen (Faculty of Science and Engineering) discusses how to foster good online group dynamics in tutorials.  Slides are available here.

The videos are liscensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.