Whether you are a UM staff member with an innovative teaching idea to share, or a trainer/service partner from a UM department or further afield, if you have an interesting idea for a CPD activity for UM teaching staff, we would love to hear from you.

In designing your CPD activity, please considering the following questions:

  • What will be learned by the participants during this activity?
  • How will this contribute to teaching and learning at UM?
  • How can the new knowledge and/or skills acquired by participants be applied to the workplace

To put forward your idea for a CPD workshop, please complete and submit the following proposal form.  When doing so you will be asked to outline the Intended Learning Outcomes of your activity and to select which of the UM Teaching Competences these relate to.  These Teaching Competences are outlined in further detail below but if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can also click here to see an example of a completed proposal form.


Developing education

  1. Able to apply the educational principles of active, student-centred learning in developing education.
  2. Able to explain the position of their part of the curriculum in relation to the structure and the intended learning outcomes of either the entire curriculum or the relevant part of it.
  3. Able to justify the educational design choices made for different parts of the curriculum, such as a course, workshop, training session(s) or lecture.
  4. Able to identify characteristics of the target group, such as prior knowledge, and design education based on these characteristics.
  5. Able to clearly express and communicate the educational objectives (intended learning outcomes) to students.
  6. Able to align the intended learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities and assessment methods using the principles of constructive alignment.
  7. Able to integrate ICT and/or digital tools in the educational design in a relevant manner.
  8. Able to develop educational materials in line with the UM educational principles.
  9. Able to improve education based on student evaluations, teaching experience and recent educational insights.

Teaching delivery

  1. Able to apply the educational principles of active, student-centred learning in teaching.
  2. Able to adopt various educational roles, such as tutor, thesis supervisor, coach, mentor or lecturer.
  3. Able to identify differences in prior knowledge and background of students and address these.
  4. Able to encourage students to embrace the educational principles of active, student-centred learning.
  5. Able to supervise students individually and in groups and provide constructive feedback.
  6. Able to identify functional and dysfunctional group dynamics and respond to this accordingly.
  7. Able to analyse strengths and weaknesses of own teaching performance and to adjust activities accordingly.

Student assessment

  1. Adhere to the guidelines outlined in the assessment policy, the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), and the Rules and Regulations (R&R) of the faculty.
  1. Describe the assessment cycle and able to justify the choices made in each step.
  2. Able to choose and implement an appropriate assessment method based on the principles of constructive alignment.
  3. Able to use relevant assessment methods which meet the quality criteria of validity, reliability and transparency.
  4. Able to discriminate between summative and formative assessment and able to apply these forms effectively.
  5. Able to define criteria for different assessment methods in order to assess students and provide feedback.
  6. Able to assess students on the basis of predefined criteria.
  7. Able to give students constructive feedback on the basis of the formulated assessment criteria.