Engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps to promote the quality of UM education.  If you have completed your UTQ and have a teaching load of greater than 10%, we want to help you to continue developing your teaching competences further and get inspired by others, by providing you with time each year to participate in CPD activities (currently 16 hours per academic year).  CPD is not just about following formal, scheduled, group-based training sessions, it’s also about your personal goals as an educator and can include informal, independent and workplace learning too.

You can make your own choice on how to invest your time in CPD together with your line-manager during your appraisal and additional guidance is also available from your faculty CPD coordinator.

In this CPD framework document you can read more about planning and reflecting on your CPD.  It also contains further advice and guidelines for line managers.

In deciding what types of CPD activities are right for you, you need to consider what your development goals are.  These should align with the three main UM teaching competencies: Designing education, delivering education & student assessment

You should also reflect on the answers to these questions:

To decide when, how and where you learn, you might want to consider the following examples:

Of course, some of the activities listed above may overlap and the list of examples is also not exhaustive.  You even have the room to initiate your own CPD activities and should not feel constrained by the examples given here. It should however be noted that activities that are a general requirement for your standard duties (curriculum team  or regular staff meetings, learning how to use a required piece of software or attending a departmental strategy day, for example) are not considered to be part of your CPD.