Professionalisation for members of the Boards of Examiners

EDLAB is working together with the Chairs of all UM Boards of Examiners to offer a professionalisation track that helps to develop Board members’ knowledge of the WHW (Dutch Higher Education Legislation) as well as discussing its interpretation and consequences in a practical setting. BoE members will also have the opportunity to follow annual thematic training and be able to share knowledge with others holding relevant posts within the UM and more widely.  Our aim is to facilitate the development of an empowered BoE which can execute its tasks properly, ensuring high quality education for students and high quality support for staff.

Overview of the training

The Board of Examiners training offer from EDLAB includes:

  • An introductory half-day training for all new members of the Boards of Examiners.
  • A training session provided by an external institute (on a timely topic).
  • A thematic session with other UM members of the Boards of Examiners.
  • An opportunity for sharing good practice with BoE members from other institutions.

To request training on a particular topic or to tell us how we can better support your needs, please email us at

Our Training and Coordination Team for Board of Examiners

Donna Carroll


Elissaveta Radulova

Daisy Blaauw

Professionalisation for Education Programme Committee members

EDLAB offers an Introductory Training session once a year for all new staff and student members of UM Education Programme Committees (EPCs).  These workshops describe the role of the EPC in the process of improving and controlling the quality of UM education. They include an overview of the most relevant rights from the Dutch Law on Higher Education (Wet op Hoger Onderwijs, WHW), the Maastricht regulations, the Education and Examination Regulations (OER), the organisational structure and the practical way of operation of the EPCs.  In addition to this, we arrange an extra training session each year on a timely topic.