Student Research Conference 2015: Interview with Guna Schwanen
Guna Schwanen wins first prize at SRC 2015

On the 4th of November Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences hosted their annual Education Awards. One of the biggest prizes of the evening went to one of our own EDLAB liaison, Nynke de Jong, who won the big education prize. Last week we got the chance to congratulate her on her much-deserved success.

Nynke de Jong, part of the department of Health Services Research, has been praised for her energetic attitude and her positive approach towards education innovation, which also makes her such a great liaison at EDLAB. The students of Health Sciences have described de Jong as someone who always makes time to support and coach students effectively and who uses electronic innovations to improve the learning experience. As Arno van Raak, member of management team Health, notes: “she gets the most out of the educational units.”

The EDLAB team would like to congratulate Nynke de Jong and all other award winners!


All Education Award winners:

In the category medicine

Best tutor: Muriel Filliers

Best mentor: Judith Sluimer

Best course: Ako-blok Thorax 1 (coördinator Chris van der Grinten)

In the category Biomedical Sciences

Big educational prize: Guido Haenen

Best tutor: Thamar Bovend’Eerdt

Best course coöordinator: Guido Haenen

Student prize: Tom Melai

In the category health

Big educational prize: Nynke de Jong

Best tutor: Latifa Abidi

Best course coördinator: David Townend

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