19 November 2019
12:00h – 13:30h


Educating how to detect bullshit

What is bullshit? What is the difference between misinformation and disinformation? What is the impact of fake news? And how do we educate the detection of bullshit? During this EDLunch, the first part will entail a “Bullshit-quiz”. How well are you able to detect bullshit which is presented in the media? Do you know about the educational myths? How do students critically evaluate information? In the second part, we will discuss the quiz results and how you could potentially use ‘bullshit’ in your teaching practice.


EDLunch Host

Stefan Jongen, PhD works at the University Library as Scientific Information Specialist and at the Faculty of Science and Engineering as the coordinator of the University Teaching Qualification and Continuing Professional Development. In this role as Information Specialist, he provides workshops and lectures about information literacy. He is also member of the core-team of project ‘Information-Wise’ and responsible for collecting data about the challenges that Bachelor students of the UM face in dealing with information.