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The new Tapijn area of Maastricht

Twice a year, University College Maastricht hosts a Think Tank project where students are able to develop their skills in policy development, research and analyses. As a team, a Think Tank group helps a client to tackle an issue by pitching a thoroughly worked-out recommendation. This project, EDLAB was one of those clients, pitching the issue of innovating Problem Based Learning at Maastricht University.

For four weeks the team worked day and night to design a recommendation that will help EDLAB to innovate PBL at Maastricht University. We had been wondering what arguments existed concerning the application of PBL-methods of instruction anno 2016. What works well, what needs revision and which challenges have to be faced in order to reach an instructional model that optimally serves the goals and objectives of Maastricht University and its students?

The weeks consisted of research, analysis, discussions and formulating  solutions. And apart from developing personal skills, the Think Tank project also allowed the students to develop their group work skills. Every member was assigned a role determined by his or her expertise and interest, making the group work together effectively.

Thanks to the overall knowledge and expertise the students had, they were able to present an extensive and elaborate policy recommendation to us last week. We are very grateful for the great effort put into the project and are looking forward to implementing the findings to make PBL even better!


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