Maastricht University experts release book on Research-Based Learning
The MaRBLe experience of: Telja Schmidt

EDLAB launches constructive alignment website

During a symposium last Thursday, EDLAB presented a website and handbook for constructive alignment at UM. Educators from all UM faculties first listened to the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Jeroen van Merriënboer (FHML) who gave an insightful introduction to the topic. The participants then joined two workshops given by constructive alignment experts Marloes Menten (FASoS) and Mark Spigt (FHML), where they learned how to apply the principles of constructive alignment on course and programme level.

The principles of constructive alignment revolve around achieving optimal coherence between intended learning outcomes, teaching & learning activities and assessment. The handbook has been written fully in the UM context and shall therefore be of assistance in all future course and curriculum (re-)designs and quality care trajectories at UM. Please have a look at The handbook can also be downloaded from the website.

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