Moved (by) Education
The PREMIUM mentor experience of Robert Ciuchita

Big data is everywhere. This new concept has taken the world by storm to change our view on data collection forever. In education, data collection can be extremely valuable in improving the educational experience. Whether it comes to teaching practices, grading or career services. But what are innovative ways to use all this data effectively?

Waag SocietyInstitute for art, science and technology, is an Amsterdam based institute focusing on digital media – especially in a social context. On November 11 Waag Society will host a Hackathon for Dutch Education Data, in collaboration with the Dutch Minestry of Education, Culture and Science. In what creative ways can data collected in education be presented to parents, students and institutes in an effective way? How can it help to gain insight in the quality of education and make education even better? 24 hours of hacking with developers, designers and students should give some answers to these questions.

Find out more about the event here (note: only in Dutch)



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