An overview of possible CPD activities

As a member of UM teaching staff with a UTQ and a teaching load of more than 10% (equivalent to 160 hours per year for a full-time appointment), you are encouraged to reflect upon your development wishes and needs, so that you can plan your CPD.  To help you develop new knowledge and skills relating to your teaching, your faculty as well as various other UM departments, including EDLAB, offer a range of activities that may be relevant for you.

EDLAB activities will be listed on this page as they become available as well as on Facebook or LinkedIn. These are continually being updated, so please check back regularly.  New activities will also be communicated via your faculty CPD coordinators.  Activities and support for teaching staff available from other UM departments are also listed below.

In addition to taking part in formal training activities, you may want to develop your own activities with colleagues, or undertake CPD in a more informal manner.  This is fine so long as it suits your development plan and is approved by your manager or faculty CPD coordinator.  Your CPD should also be relevant to the teaching competences outlined in this document. Note that standard duties (staff meetings or compulsory training as part of a regular teaching role) are not considered as CPD.

Upcoming activities

Please note that the funding for EDLAB’s CPD activities only covers UM teaching staff with a UTQ and a teaching load of more than 160 hours per year.  This is because teaching staff who have not yet completed their UTQ have the opportunity to develop by following this trajectory first within your faculties.  All UM staff (those with teaching as well as non-teaching positions) are also able to follow courses offered by the UM Staff Career Centre.  For more information about Continuing Professional Development and who it’s for, see


Workshop Managing (online) tutorials during COVID-19 | 20 April 09:00-11:00

A lot of students and teachers are affected by the current global health crisis regarding COVID-19. Where in the past you may have had a few students in your tutorials struggling with personal circumstances, you may now have an entire group. Although the situation may be less than ideal, you as a tutor can have a positive influence on your tutorials through conscious, targeted and proper tutorial management.
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Workshop Teaching strategies for virtual groups | 3 May 10:00-11:30

In this online workshop we’ll discuss the various challenges of facilitating Problem-Based Learning in an online setting, with an emphasis on stimulating successful group collaboration. We’ll look at some tools and techniques for activating prior knowledge, facilitating brainstorming, discussions, informal feedback and evaluation. This is relevant for teaching staff who facilitate online tutorials as well as supervisors of group work project and assignments.
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Workshop Online skills training for on-camera teaching | 4 May 13:30-16:30

This workshop is designed for UM teaching staff who are new to online teaching and/or would like to improve their basic on‑camera teaching skills for a variety of online and remote education scenarios. At the end of the online workshop, you will feel more confident in teaching to the camera and be able to convey information more effectively to students.
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Workshop Addressing Challenging Behaviour | 20 May 09:30-11:00

This workshop, brought to you by EDLAB, will be provided by our colleagues from the UM Psychologists and UM Wellbeing Movement. In this interactive session staff members discuss and learn how they can recognize and manage situations in which students display challenging behavior and/or mental health problems.
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Workshop Perfectionism Among Students | 9 June 13:30-15:30

This workshop, brought to you by EDLAB, will be provided by our colleagues from the UM Psychologists and UM Wellbeing Movement. In this workshop, you’ll gain a greater awareness of perfectionistic habits and recognize where these help or hinder your students. By creating an awareness of students’ habits and motivations, you can pave the way to help your students to find a better balance in life.
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Workshop Stress & Anxiety Among Students | 18 June 09:30-11:30

This workshop, brought to you by EDLAB, will be provided by our colleagues from the UM Psychologists and UM Wellbeing Movement. As a staff member it can be of utmost importance to know about the signs of dysfunctional or unhealthy stress and anxiety. In this workshop you’ll get tools to deal with this, even more, to help prevent severe anxiety problems. Academic staff, close to the students, can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of students.
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Canvas theme webinars | Various dates

Would you like to get more out of UM’s digital education and assessment tools? Then you can join a selection of different mini-webinars on Canvas and connected digital education tools offered by the University Library.
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New online coaching modules

UM Career Services and UM Psychologists have designed and developed several online modules to support staff members in their coaching and/or supervising role such as mentors, coaches and tutors. These modules contain theory and coaching models. However, above all they contain many practical tips, tools and exercises to develop your most essential coaching skills and competences. The modules can be found in Canvas and are accessible to all UM employees.
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Online CPD resources


UM resources for online education

For support with your online, blended or hybrid education, the UM has set up a host of digital facilities, as well as tips & tricks to support you.
Tools for teaching staff

EDLAB's webinars and knowledge clips

EDLAB is busy boosting its support for online education and here you can find our recordings of our webinars as well as our our CPD knowledge clips on online teaching here.
EDLAB's online resources

Other sources of UM training and support


The University Library

The University Library offers a wealth of skills training and advice on blended learning, tools to enhance activated learning and support for Canvas. You can also find more support for digital assessment including TestVision.
Support from the UM Library

UM Career Services & UM Psychologists

Our UM Career Services & UM Psychologists offer online modules and face-to-face training for UM teaching staff, helping you to be a better coach to your students, be better able to advise your students in their employability or well-being options, and to be able to identify when students may need additional support.
Support from the UM Career Services & UM Psychologists

The UM Diversity & Inclusivity Office

UM’s D&I Office are working on a number of new activities to help our staff to foster an inclusive and effective learning environment in which everyone feels welcome and valued.
Support from the UM D&I Office

The Language Centre

The UM Language Centre offers training for staff on delivering effective English-Medium Instruction (EMI). This focuses on how you can communicate more effectively with students from diverse backgrounds. This training gives teachers the chance to share experiences, discuss good practices and learn better communication strategies that are relevant for the UM’s international classroom.
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