Join our communities of practice (CoP)!

Did the last 1.5 years make you re-think the way you design and deliver your courses? Would you like to (re)design a courses from the perspective of blended learning? Want to collaborate with fellow teachers, working on innovation in education? Then the UM Community of Practice on Education is something for you.

What is a Community of Practice?

Together with between six and twelve fellow participants, you work on a certain topic or theme, engaging in research about it, and come up with new answers, ideas, approaches. This Community of Practice consists of teachers, experts, researchers and students. One of the group members will take the role of the group leader and oversee the groups’ collaborative process, timeline, and deliverables.

For a period of about six months, you meet every two or three  weeks for about three hours. In between these meetings, you will work on tasks that you collaboratively created. It’s all about exchanging knowledge, inspiring each other and experimenting.

The overall aim is to realise innovation, improvement or change in your own workplace.

What will be the topic?

A Community of Practice can work on any topic or theme, but for this first pilot the theme has been defined as “Blended (re)design”. For half a year, you will dive into the topic of blended learning. More specifically, you will investigate how blended learning fits into our PBL education.

However, as the outcomes of a Community of Practice aren’t fixed, you can decide for yourself whether to work on a redesign, do small-scale research, or something else your group chooses.

When does the pilot take place?

The project will run in the second semester of 2021/2022, starting somewhere in February/March 2022.

The CoP project meetings will be scheduled every two/three weeks and last for approximately three hours. They will be held online (in MS Teams) or physically (at EDLAB).

Between meetings, the participants carry out assignments (3 hours per meeting).

Will I be compensated?

(Re)designing education costs time and resources. That is why the participation in a CoP is reimbursed through the Technology-Enhanced-Education project and EDLAB. Of course, this must be coordinated with your director of education.

The total amount of hours is +/- 51 per participant, across a period of 25 weeks. The group leader will spend about 103 hours, as he or she also prepares meetings, et cetera.

How can I sign-up?

If our CoP pilot sounds appealing to you, please fill in the registration form (below) before December 24, 2021. After the registration deadline, potential participants will be invited in January 2022 for a short (online) intake of max. 30 minutes. This intake takes place together with your manager/director.

For inquiries, please contact:

What's the background of this?

Itself a collaborative project between the Technology-Enhanced-Education program, EDLAB, and the University Library, through this first community of practice we aim to bring together UM employees from different UM faculties and departments, and support and facilitate their collaboration leading to new approaches to teaching and learning within common themes in education.

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