Community of Practice: Application for the Pilot on Blended (Re-)Design






    For this first Community of Practice, you will dive into the topic of “Blended learning”. More specifically, you will investigate how blended learning fits into our PBL education. However, as the methods and outcomes of a Community of Practice are not predetermined, together with the fellow members of the CoP you can decide for yourself whether you will work on redesign, do small-scale research, or something else.

    Your manager or director needs to consent with your participation in this Community of Practice. The manager/director will be present during the application interview.
    The hours for participation in this Community of Practice are reimbursed from the program. For regular participation, this is 51 hours, spread over approximately 25 weeks. By agreeing to this, you indicate that you can fit this time into your schedule.

    Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with a study advisor, mentor or academic advisor, prior to submitting.

    The Community of Practice will receive guidance from the Technology-Enhanced Education program, but in addition to that support, one member of the Community of Practice will act as leader. Leading a community of practice includes preparing meetings, booking rooms, setting dates, et cetera.
    The role requires approximately 103 hours, which will be fully compensated.